TCL Electronics partners with Warner Bros. and the Justice League

TCL, the world biggest TV brand and internet application provider has joined forces with Warner Brothers Pictures to announce an official international TV partnership.

TCL will release a wide range of promotions for the much anticipated Justice League movie including 15-30 second sneak previews of the film, VIP movie nights, in-store promotions, online giveaways and exclusive sought after collector’s merchandise.

TCL feels the quality and innovation of their televisions will truly compliment the graphics and technology of the very exciting new Justice League movie.  TCL’s core philosophy incorporates providing their sophisticated, global customers cutting-edge picture and sound experiences like no other.  This benchmark has paved the way for a successful partnership with Warner Bros.  The investment and dedication of those who have brought this movie to life will be reflected in TCL’s commitment to excellence.

The underlying message delivered in the Justice League movie is that of partnership and co-operation.  TCL are constantly looking for new ways to link working opportunities to content providers whose goal is that of excellence.

Despite the fact TCL is a corporate company, they also aspire to create fun and enjoyment.  Obviously, that is what TV’s are about.  Company executives maintain they want to provide moviegoers with the best experience possible outside of the cinemas.

TCL has had a growing association with the world of entertainment over the years, not only aligning with newly released movies but also investing in infrastructure.  This includes the iconic Hollywood Theatre, the worlds’ largest IMAX auditorium, TCL Chinese Theatre, IMAX theatre in California which boasts the only Laser movie projection experience.

With the advent of Android technology, our valued customers can now experience TV to its optimum.  Android TVs utilise a Smart interactive platform that allows your TCL TV to stream content, download Apps and games, use YouTube and of course, binge watch your favourite TV series back to back to back…. It’s like having a computer on your TV.  It can be activated remotely or by voice control.  Having this technology built into our range of Android TV’s, there is no external add-ons or extra expense to have access to this functionality.

TCL look forward to a long-lived association with Warner Bros. not only with Justice League but also projects into the future.