So what is Smart TV – How does it work?

Smart TV provides a new dimension to television through internet connectivity.

Imagine a computer inside your TV, that’s SMART.

Video on demand, including a range of varying online services such as web browsing and live messaging are at your fingertips. Internet Protocol Television (IPV) provides social networking and video.

Not all Smart TV’s are at the high price range; they come mid-range and budget range. Digital Living Network Alliance (DNLA), is a set of standards to allow sharing video and audio, allowing you to stream from your phone or TV to your phone.

What Apps run on Smart TV?

More and more apps are now available through Smart TV. Your Smart TV is capable of servicing social networking, video streaming, messaging and web browsing with access to content.

Some of the apps TCL run are the following:

NEON – New Zealand’s exclusive streaming service. Blockbuster movies and TV series from around the world, and the best parts is there are no ads! You can buy new releases and more. Begin your 14-day free trial today at

Netflix – is now the world-leading online network. In over 190 countries it now has 100 million subscribers. With content of over 125 million hours of movies, documentaries global TV shows and original series available.

Sky Sport Now – Get access to ESPN Live and Sky Sport on demand. You don’t even need a Sky box to get started. It is viewable on several devices. Also, pay-per-view events are available. You won’t miss a game or the highlights with Sky Sport Now.

Prime Video – With Prime watch digital TV shows and movies at the click of a button. If you have an Amazon account with a compatible internet device, it’s easy.

Sky – Discover the best of Sky with Sky Go and stream your favourite content anywhere in New Zealand at no additional cost with the free app. The Sky Starter package also includes Sky On Demand so you can catch up on whatever you missed with complete control.

Spotify – The online music library sensation. The most extensive online music collection at your fingertips wherever you are. Choose what you want or let Spotify do it for you.

Steam Link – With a TCL TV, you can play Steam games all day. On your connected TV log onto the app, and you’re away. Just grab your controller and select from hundreds of games to keep you entertained from the comfort of your couch.

TVSN Now – Your online streaming service. Instantly stream through the internet, with no subscription cost. You don’t even need a TV Aerial! Just download TVSN and stream live through your TCL TV today

TVNZ – is New Zealand’s state-owned, commercially funded broadcaster. TVNZ reaches more than 2 million New Zealanders through channels TVNZ 1, 2, DUKE and online platform TVNZ OnDemand and Leading news site and socially-driven online news brand Re:


YouTube – video sharing. One of the most used programs on the internet. The video-sharing phenomenon has millions of shared video for you to enjoy. With over 35 hours of video uploaded every minute worldwide, you’ll never be short of viewing.

YuppTV – YuppTV is one of the World’s largest Over-the-top (OTT) entertainment solutions with a huge range of South Asian content including live television and films with recording and storage features.

*Internet usage and subscription charges may apply. Applications are provided, operated and maintained by 3rd party providers. Applications may vary by region and are subject to change without notification.

How do Smart TVs connect to the internet?

Smart TV’s have an Ethernet port, allowing you to plug directly into your router. Certain models have Wi-Fi access through internet hardware or a USB dongle that supports wireless connection.

The wired in version will, of course, support a more stable connection; however, you can start by setting up a home network, as you would set-up a laptop.

How do I get Smart TV?

The first thing to check is that you have a smart TV!

Not all TV’s have the connectivity required for the services we have mentioned above.

You must ensure you are connected to the internet through an Ethernet port and a broadband network.

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