In a world controlled by technology, keeping up is a must. This is why TCL has incorporated Voice Control into our latest range of Android TV. As we become more efficient in our day to day activities, searching for things we love is no different.

  • How do I get Voice Control?

Voice control can be found on selected TCL TVs, recognised with those with Android built in.  It is this feature that allows you to speak to your TCL remote control and tell the TV what you want to see on the screen.

  • How do I tell my TV to do something?

With the power of your TCL remote control, you can now instruct your TV to search whatever you choose without having to type anything or wrestle with a remote keyboard.  This can include your favourite cat videos or the latest YouTube phenomenon. You will be able to access any online content, simply by using voice recognition with a TCL Android TV.

  • How does Voice Control work?

You simply press the voice control button on the remote control and simply speak into. This command will tell the TV to display whatever you have asked to view.  This could be pictures, tv shows, movies, anything that can be viewed online can be viewed on your TCL Android TV by simply asking the question.



Our new range of UHD 4K TV, powered by Android TV, continues to deliver sharper picture quality for a truly immersive experience. TV watchers are also given so much more content than ever before, with unlimited access to a world of entertainment through Google Play. Google Play offers thousands of movies, shows and games from Google Play, YouTube and your favourite apps.

With so much available on our TVs today, how do we decipher all the information? Here is a quick guide to what you have access to and what best suits your needs.

  • Online streaming

Online streaming describes the instant nature of what is available on our TVs today.  It essentially is a large amount of viewing content, put online for people’s viewing entertainment.

Traditionally to view substantial amounts of data, you would have to wait to download a file, not so with streaming.  It comes in a compressed form which allows it to play continually.  You do not have to wait for it, it can be viewed in real time from anywhere in the world.

  • Google Play

Google Play is a term that incorporates many sources of viewing and listening and by doing so, they create applications.  It is the dedicated App Store for Android devices and Smartphones.  You can access movies, books, games, music and many other interactive sources through Google Play.

  • Google Play Games

As an online gaming service, it allows you access to real-time multiplayer gaming.  It provides Cloud saves, views of public and private leaderboards.  You no longer need someone sitting beside you to have duel users.

  • Google TV

Google TV is a Smart TV platform developed by Google, in conjunction with several other TV companies some years ago.  It incorporates the Android operating system with a Google Chrome Web Browser which has been developed to create an interactive overlay.  It is Google Software that allows you to press the Search bar, overlays whatever screen you’re currently in and crawls through online videos sources, not excluding live TV, to find available content.  Google TV does not default to a preferred provider, say Netflix, Stan, Utube, etc.  It simply finds the content and delivers it to you.

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