What is Google TV – Features and Benefits

Google TV is the new smart TV interface based upon the popular Android TV operating system. To put it more basically; when you turn on your new TCL smart TV and go to the Home screen, Google TV is what you will see.

And whilst Google TV is the new look-and-feel, it sits upon the mature technology of the Android TV operating system. This operating system is what manages all searches, queries, and functionality offered through the front-end interface.

How does Google TV work?

All of the new ranges of TCL televisions are smart TVs and can therefore connect with the internet (via your internet connection, of course). All new TCL TVs also come with Google TV pre-installed.

Because of this, there is no requirement for a Google Chromecast dongle or any additional hardware for connection. Simply turn on your TV and there it will be. If you want to access Google TV from an older television, however, you’ll still need to purchase a chromecast dongle. The dongle will require a HDMI connection, so make sure your television has one before making the purchase.

Your new TCL TV will also already have a considerable selection of apps pre-installed. These apps are used to access streaming services, whether by paid subscription or for free. To access further services and apps that are not already on your TV, simply download them through the Google Play store. Obviously, whilst some apps like Netflix and other subscription services can be downloaded for free, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee to access them.

These features are similar to the previous Android TV interface. From here, though, is where Google TV take a big leap forward.

Features and Benefits

Here are some of the things great that are now available through Google TV.

All your content in one place

The major benefit of this new interface is that all your subscription services, TV channels, and entertainment are in one place. You no longer need to switch between different streaming apps to access available content.

Your watchlist

Similarly, your watchlist will contain items from any and all of the services you are connected with. Viewing recommendations will be given from across all channels and viewing options, ready to select from a single location.

Cross device compatibility

By loading the Google TV app onto your Android smartphone, you can now access your account from anywhere. Imagine checking out your evening’s viewing options whilst on the train home from work (or the other room). All your selections will be there and waiting when you turn the TV on.

Virtual remote control

Through the Google TV app you can now turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a remote control. No more hunting for the remote that has slipped down between the sofa cushions.

Access other smart home devices

Through your TV (or the smartphone app), you will be able to access and control a wide range of smart home devices. Check your security cameras or door-cam; moderate your thermostat, or; adjust the lighting from the couch as you sit down for a movie. There are currently over 50 000, smart devices which can be connected through Google TV, with more being added frequently.

Kids controls

Worried about screen-time, or your kids watching things they shouldn’t? Using the Family Link app you can now lock or unblock apps, and apply content filters from your phone. You can even set limits to the amount of screen-time they have, or bedtimes after which the TV will prevent further viewing.

Photo gallery during idle time

Load your own photos into the TV screensaver. The images will playback when the TV enter idle mode.

Should I buy a new television that uses Google TV

If you are in the market for a new TV, we believe that Google TV is the best interface currently available. All your content is centrally located; the aesthetics are clean and with easy navigation, plus; you get a range of other useful benefits. You’ll soon wonder how you did without it.

Explore the range of TCL TVs offering Google TV, or visit your online or local instore electronics retailers for a trial.