TCL Smart TV & Freeview

Isn’t it relaxing to turn on the TV and be entertained, especially with entertainment coming in all different forms these days?  Want to watch your favourite show that was on last night, or that new movie release, or even binge a series you been saving up? That’s when a TCL Smart TV & Freeview comes to the party.

You can now do even more with the TCL Smart TV & Freeview range of  TV.

As the name suggests, there is no cost to have a Freeview, as the TCL Smart TV & Freeview TV has it built-in.

The question is, “What is Smart TV”?

It is technology that uses the internet to connect you to the online world.  Smart TV gives you access to Social Media (Facebook and messaging, etc), Video on Demand and Web Browsing. With this technology, you also have the option of interacting with your other Smart devices.

Smart TVs is full of features that we could only dream of a decade ago and our Smart TV range also offers pictures with more detail and quality superior to that of other TVs on the market.

Smart TV gives you access to a world of entertainment, never leaving you stuck for something to watch again.   Streaming happens seamlessly through your broadband connection. A major advantage of Smart TV is your viewing experience is enhanced by High Definition quality sound.

TCL Smart TVs have a wide range of sizes available, these being some of the most popular sizes:

Now with a Smart TV, you can enjoy movies, videos, favourite shows, and serials with the help of the internet to maximise your viewing pleasure.  You can enjoy the latest releases in the comfort of your own home with the best viewing quality available.  TCL have all your TV sizes and questions covered.