TCL Launches new flagship QUHD TVs at CES 2017

TCL Launches New Flagship QUHD TVs at CES 2017 – X2 Series Featuring Quantum Dot Display Technology, HDR and “Super Slim” Edgeless Design

Stunning Picture Quality and Audio System to Deliver Supreme Immersive Experience

[Las Vegas, January 4, 2017] –TCL, The Creative Life, held a global press conference on January 4, 2017 during CES 2017 to launch its flagship products with smart technology and design, and premium picture quality in its QUHD X2 series, featuring Quantum Dot (QD) display technology, Dolby Vision high-dynamic-range (HDR) technology, MEMC, Harman Kardon sound system and an ultra-thin, edgeless design.

The X2 series boasts stunning picture quality thanks to the revolutionary QD display technology, Dolby Vision and MEMC technology. The QD display uses a non-organic compound as the light-emitting material which is stable and free from problems like colour cast and imbalance of picture quality. The result is the high luminance of up to 400 nits, with a colour gamut 52.7% wider than normal LED TVs that can even outplay OLED. The built-in MEMC, which employs the dynamic image system, will compensate for display motion blur and reduce the motion trails to the minimum. In addition to the studio-level sound experience of six Harman Kardon speakers, TCL has also equipped the X2 with many useful functions such as Bluetooth Audio and Sound Return, enabling users to connect smart devices to their sets, and also connect headphones through their smart devices if required.

TCL’s mission is to empower users globally to discover and create their own defining moments in life through cutting-edge technology. The revolutionary new X2 series underscores TCL’s vision to create a smarter, more connected future for users around the world. The consumer electronics industry recognizes TCL’s world-leading innovation, most recently by naming TCL one of China’s Top 10 Brands and one of the Global Top 50 Consumer Electronics Brands at CES2017.

“Today marks an important milestone in our transformation journey from a traditional home appliance manufacturer 35 years ago, into a leading technology provider and creator of life experiences, the result of our redesigned company structure that encompasses 7 product lines, 3 types of services and 1 investment and venture unit,” Said Mr. Li Dong Sheng, Chairman, CEO of TCL Corporation.  “It is never just about products. We believe products and services go hand-in-hand in providing the best experiences to our users. By leveraging our manufacturing expertise and innovative spirit, we are excited to continue to expand and deepen our presence globally. With our latest technologies and partnerships with industry leaders, we believe we are in prime position to empower our users to discover and create their own moments in life.”

As a testament to TCL’s commitment to R&D of latest technologies and innovation, TCL announced a recent R&D effort to consider the integration between artificial intelligence (AI) and the entertainment experience. TCL’s AI concept, experience, gives TVs the ability to understand, interact and plan through deep learning and data analysis supported by a TV system based neuro-network. This provides more personalized content and an interactive experience for consumers.

Most recently, TCL announced the live operation of a brand-new manufacturing line for 11th generation of TFT – LCD and AMOLED displays with China Star Optoelectronics. For a cost of almost 8 billion (USD), this revolutionary panel line is the most advanced of this generation and is potentially the biggest investment in display technology worldwide. China Star Optoelectronics, the fifth largest panel manufacturer globally, will also display its latest panel products at CES. TCL Communications has just begun a long-term licensing agreement with Blackberry to be the exclusive global manufacturer and distributor for all Blackberry-branded smartphones, a partnership that will strengthen its position in the global mobile market.

Guided by its core spirit of innovation with the aim of bringing a holistic and immersive lifestyle experience to consumers, TCL has been proactively seeking sponsorship opportunities in entertainment and sports with partners including Google, Harmon Kardon, Dolby Vision.

TCL is the official sponsor of the world-famous TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, a partner to the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and sponsors the Minnesota Timberwolves as its TV partner. In Australia, TCL is the official television supplier to the Melbourne Cup Carnival and the Victorian Racing Club as well as a premier partner of Melbourne Victory Football Club.

About TCL Corporation

TCL Corporation is a global manufacturer of smart products and provider of Internet application services. Founded in 1981, over the past 35 years, TCL has empowered users globally to discover and create their own moments in life. As one of the first Chinese technology brands to enter overseas markets, TCL currently has 82,000 employees worldwide, across sales offices in over 80 countries, with businesses covering over 160 countries and regions across Asia, America, Europe and Oceania, along with 23 R&D centers and 21 manufacturing bases. As of 2015, TCL is the world’s 3rd largest TV manufacturer with 17.84 million units and has attained the 5th position in the smartphone market with 83.55 million of shipment units globally, the company also recorded 48 % of revenue from the overseas market the same year. As of 2015, TCL recorded RMB 77.69 billion USD of operating income, an increase of 4.83% and a net profit of USD 12.5 billion, a Y-O-Y increase of 140.3%.