Android is almost a word from the past. Link that word with TCL TV and it is a case of back to the future.

Google has introduced a Smart entertainment TV platform based on an Android operating system.  The numbers on new device activations are 1 million every two months. This figure doubles the numbers from last year. TCL has incorporated this into its current generation launch.  The result is amazing!

Features of the new range of TCL Android TV’s are mind blowing!  Encapsulating the best functions of your television, linking with the interactivity of your phone, all of which can be activated with your voice instructions into the remote control.

The new TCL Android TV combines not only everything you want in a TV but everything that is on your viewing wish list as well. You will be able to access live sport, new release movies, streaming Apps and no, we haven’t forgotten the gamers- multiplayer games.  Content, Apps, games, what more can you ask for?

TCL innovation has also been complemented by personalised recommendation technology.  This TV incorporates Apps like YouTube, Hulu Plus and NBA Game Time, all of which can pick up on your viewing habits and recommend similar content, allowing you to view more and browse less.

Life without a TV remote control is unthinkable. What if you didn’t even need to press the buttons on your remote to make your choice?  Enter remote control voice activation and with your TCL Android remote control, it will recognise anything from “What is the weather going to be tomorrow?” to “Play the newest release romantic comedy”. How cool is that?

Cast movies, sports, games, shows and other from Android, Mac, IOS, Windows or Chromebook on to your TCL Android TV by simply tapping the “Cast” button on your mobile App and watch it, as it starts to play on your TV.

Whichever way you can think of gaming, single-player, multi-player, online or offline, whether you play for fun or keeps, this TV will offer you innovative ways to play.


1. Curated content

The ingenuity to recognise the common thread running through viewed content and placing suggested options on the top of the interface.

2. Universal search

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in curated content you can use the search bar or the voice recognition on the remote control.  Android will troll through the services on your TV (YouTube, Netflix, etc) to assist you with your search.

3. Native IMDB support

Want to view a movie or show with an actor you would like to see more of, you can search their names and anything else they are in will come up.  The synopsis will appear listing other actors and the storyline as well as where it can be viewed.

4. Remote control voice recognition

It can be very time-consuming typing names of movies or shows into a remote to ask the TV to recognise what you’re looking for.  Problem solved with remote control voice recognition.  Simply speak into the remote’s microphone.

5. Native Google Cast Support

All Android TV’s have Google Cast built in.  This allows you to stream content from your device to your TV as long as the device has the “Google Cast” icon, also known as Chromecast built in.

6. Access games on Google Play Store

In short, Android TV has more games than any other TV operating system.  Good news, some are free!

7. Google Assistant Integration

Google Assistant is a recent addition to the Android TV.  It works similarly to Siri or Cortana.  It can answer questions, make diary appointments etc.  and is unique in that it can also control your smart home products like lighting, temperature, smart locks etc.