Gaming TV is a specific interest and therefore requires a specific television. A few fundamental influences that are going to also well, make the choice for you.

First, Size

Of course, you want the biggest and the best! However, if you are stuck in a small room you will have to buy the size appropriate the area.

Secondly, Money

Many gamers are sub 18 so money becomes an issue.  It’s important to sort out your budget and do extensive research at your price point.  You generally will have more than one option when it comes to choosing the right gaming TV.

Thirdly, Take the Quality of Accessories into Consideration

There is no point spending it all on the perfect gaming tv when you have sub-standard headphones or average controllers.

TCL International TV models have been rated on this website.  TCL is continually expanding on their technology, with the release of our latest Android TV.

A more up to date tv will have all the bells and whistles on the gamers wish list.  This will include 3 HDMI ports which will stop you having to worry about changing connections between your console/DVD/Blu-ray players. A USB port is also a bonus.  At this rate, there will be no need to leave the gaming area!

One of the attractions of gaming is the detail in the graphics.  This requires you to have the most pixelated tv available.  Ultra 4K TV has this capability.  The refresh rate is second to none, so for the purposes of gaming, this is a massive plus.  The depth and detail of colour are explosive with this generation of tv.  Blacks are also deeper which blows the visuals for the gaming experience out of the water.  One of the influences of a superior display is the LED backlighting.  The TCL 4K Ultra HD TV has the best technology available to enhance this feature.

The latest 4K TVs from TCL are certified by Google which means you will get unlimited access to selected games.