About TCL

A World Leader in Consumer Electronics

Since its founding in 1981 in China, TCL has grown to be one of the world’s largest and leading manufacturers of consumer electronics. Driven by core values of accountability, innovation, and excellence, TCL seeks to build and maintain itself as the world’s leading company in intelligent technology.

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Growing Innovation

TCL’s Global Headquarters are based in Shenzen, in the South of China. Since its founding in 1981, TCL group has grown from a small local factory to a large and thriving transnational organisation spread across the world. A strong belief in innovation, plus research and development has helped TCL continually produce quality products for consumers globally.

Worldwide Workforce

With a business that covers over 160 countries and regions globally, TCL employs more than 75,000 people worldwide. Through 22 manufacturing facilities, 28 R&D centres, over 10 joint research laboratories, and a host of business and sales centres, TCL and its people are proud to create the stylish and innovative products that consumers love.

Full Vertical Integration

TCL is one of only three consumer electronics brands worldwide to maintain full vertical integration of their product development and manufacturing. This provides total control over production processes and Quality Assurance standards, and allows TCL to consistently deliver outstanding consumer experiences across all their product ranges.

Panel Manufacturing Facility

TCL’s primary TV panel manufacturing facility is based in Shenzen, their city of origin in Guangdong Province. In Shenzen alone since 2010, TCL has invested over RMB 190 billion ($800 billion NZD) into a number of different production lines to meet consumer demand across a range of displays.

Production Line T1

Generation 8.5 thin-film transistors liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCD). Producing 22″-55″ flat-screen TV panels with a current capacity of 160,000 units per month.

Production Line T2

Generation 8.5 TFT-LCD including oxide semiconductor and AMOLED. Ultra-high definition screens (4K and 8K), with high colour gamut and energy efficient. Current capacity of 145,000 units per month.

Production Line T3

Generation 6 low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) displays for high-end smartphones, tablets, laptops, and automotive use with a capacity of 50,000 units per month.

Production Line T4

Generation 6 flexible LTPS-AMOLED displays for high-resolution, flexible and foldable smartphones. Design capacity of 45,000 units per month.

 Production Line T5

Generation 11 TFT-LCD and AMOLED  line with a design capacity of 90,000 units per month. Producing 43″-75″ LCD panels, OLED panels, and public information panels.

Production Line T6

Generation 11 ultra-high definition display components production line for large 8K and UHD flat-screen TV panels. Design capacity of 90,000 units per month.

Community Engagement

TCL has a strong belief in engaging with and supporting the local community, especially when it comes to entertainment. Current associations and sponsorships include;

Melbourne Cup Carnival, New Zealand Warrior NRL team, Official Call of Duty TV partners, TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood